Currency Transfer Services

Whether you’re a business with international trading requirements or an individual needing to send money abroad, our partner TorFX offers a range of specialist currency transfer services that can be tailored to your requirements.

Spot Contracts

If you need to make an immediate currency transfer you can use a spot contract. Secure a highly competitive rate based on the current market level and specify where you want to send your currency. Once you’ve transferred the funds to TorFX they’ll facilitate the transfer. Your currency can be sent same day if you have funds on account, but transfers can take between one and two days depending on the currencies and countries involved.

Forward Contracts

If you want to budget for a future currency transfer or protect a transfer from potential exchange rate movements you can use a forward contract to fix an exchange rate for up to two years ahead. Paying a small deposit will secure your rate and your transfer will be executed at that level no matter how much the market has moved in the meantime. Using a forward contract would mean you’d miss out if the exchange rate strengthened, but you’d be protected from any negative market movements.

Limit Orders

With a limit order you can target an exchange rate higher than the current market level. You simply tell TorFX what rate you want to achieve and your transfer will be triggered automatically if the rate moves to your target.

Stop Loss Order

Set your worst-case rate and your transfer will be triggered automatically if the exchange rate drops to that level.


Getting started with Currency Exchange is simple – here’s how

1.  Register Online

Register with Torfx using their secure online portal or via phone. Best of all, it’s free. Click here to get started!

2.  Get the Latest Rate

When your registration is confirmed, you’ll access your own TorFX portal. You’ll get the latest rates from our live feed or your dedicated Account Manager.

3.  Trade

Once you’ve locked in a currency, you can trade instantly at any time you choose. Buy or sell, you have the power to exchange currencies at market-leading rates.

4.  Get Confirmation

You’ll get confirmation your transfer is in progress. Depending on the currency, the transfer will be complete the same day, or within one to two working days.


Currency Exchange is your destination that connects you to the world’s most popular and highly traded currencies. With our partner TorFX you can trade in US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Indian Rupees, Singapore Dollars, Japanese Yen, Chinese Renmibi, and many, many more. Don’t see your chosen currency listed? Your Account Manager can arrange transfers in one of 60 currencies of your choice. Contact Torfx today through your client portal.


Currency Exchange are the specialists in commercial foreign exchange for single or ongoing business overseas. With our partner TorFX we offer a range of commercial forex instruments so you can lock in the best exchange rates possible without huge bank fees. We can arrange multiple batch payments and options to help stop profit erosion and future exposure. Our professional TorFX  agents and account managers work to ensure your currency exchange fits your budget and is always cost-effective.

Our business services include:

Spot Contracts

Need instant foreign exchange? Trade 24/7 with confidence. Get an on-the-spot buy or sell order with no hidden fees and better rates.


TorFX also give you the option to use a rate alert to track exchange rate movement. Set your goal exchange rate and you’ll be sent an email and/or SMS if your goal exchange rate is reached. You don’t have to make a transfer if your rate alert is hit, and you can set multiple rate alerts at a time.


At Currency Exchange one of the things we like best about TorFX is that every customer is assigned a personal Account Manager to look after their requirements. Your Account Manager will work with you for your lifetime of using TorFX and they’ll be able to keep you up-to-date with the latest market movements. Exchange rates are always moving so market insights can prove invaluable for helping you pick the best time to make a transfer.


You can use the market-leading TorFX online platform to check live exchange rates 24/7. You can also arrange your transfers online or over the phone with the support of your Account Manager.

With TorFX you can transfer over 40 currencies (including the US Dollar, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Japanese Yen) to more than 120 countries.


If you’re buying property, sending money back home, or moving internationally, Currency Exchange recommends TorFX for all your currency needs. With no hidden fees and a Rate Improver guarantee, you can make one off or regular transfers hassle-free.

Take the stress out of moving money around the world and get a quote today.